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Team: Street Soccer Belgium











  • World Champion 2010, 2011
  • National Champion 2009, 2010, 2011
  • FIFA Street 4 character 2012
  • Brings street soccer action to club academies along with BazookaGoals





TEAM: Street Soccer Belgium





Oliver “Oli” Hayes is born on the 1st of July 1993 in a small town in England called Macclesfield. Like most young boys, Oli was obsessed with football and was rarely seen without a ball at his feet. Playing for various teams and practicing constantly, he developed extremely good technical skills on the ball and was performing abnormal amounts of kick ups for his age.

In Oli’s latest project, he is performing as the official freestyler for Manchester City’s Instagram competition where followers are challenged to share their skills.

In 2006, commercials for the big tournaments of that year were everywhere and Oli took a great interest to them. Ronaldinho was the man at the time and Oli was instantly inspired by his style of play and the way he expressed himself with a football. From that moment, Oli took himself out of all aspects of competitive football to concentrate on what is now known as football freestyle.

On a daily basis, Oli would search online, finding new moves to practice. He glued himself to the garden, where he wouldn’t return from until he mastered the tricks he was working on. Eventually he picked up everything he had seen and then he moved on to developing his own tricks and combinations.

Aswell as football, Oli was into all things creative. YouTube was relatively new at the time and it helped by showing him moves he may never have seen but aswell as that, it gave him a platform to release his own content. Starting off on mobile phones, Oli would film his tricks, edit them on his computer and release videos online via social media websites.

He gained interest all over and turned his hobby into a career, receiving bookings from clients worldwide. His talent and cheeky youthful personality have taken him to countries such as France, Syria and Antigua, although the highlight of his career is more close to home.

In 2011, Oli performed at the Etihad Stadium for his beloved Manchester City. This was without a doubt the most exciting show for Oli as he grew up a City fan from watching them at Maine Road. Everton were the opponents on the day and Oli showed off his skills before the game in the City Square before being introduced to the 40,000+ fans, where he performed as the half time entertainment.

Other achievements feature Oli performing at Rio Ferdinand’s 5 Magazine launch party, starring in TV adverts for MOTD Magazine, body doubling Cesc Fabregas, showing off his skills alongside Tinie Tempah, touring with JD Sports, featuring on Wayne Rooney’s Street Striker, performing at massive sporting events such as the Champions League Finale but also being invited, by Dappy, to play and represent N-Dubz in a celebrity football competition.

From the past to the future, Oli aspires to inspire by sharing his knowledge and entertaining people, whether it be in person or online but most importantly Oli will always continue striving for greatness with all of his talent, doing so through hard work and dedication.




PRO Street Soccer & Freestyle football player

  • Danish superstar in the world of street soccer
  • Football and Street Soccer coach
  • Star of FIFA Street 4
  • Based in Arhus, Denmark
  • Coaches young people every week in street soccer with BazookaGoals



World Of Street Football Champ 3vs3, co-founder of Copenhagen Panna House



World Champion Panna 2015️, 2x European Champion Panna, 4x Red Bull Street Style Belgium



World Of Street Football Champ 3vs3, founder of Copenhagen Panna House


World Of Street Football Champ 3vs3. 2x European Street Soccer Champ 4vs4. Co-founder of Copenhagen Panna House

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