BazookaGoal awards

The BazookaGoal, open and closed

The feedback so far from our Academy development Centers has been extremely positive.

Ben Knight, Chelsea FC

Saw this at Grassroots Football Live Exhibition yesterday on the FA stand. Great product.

Michael Walters, UK, Web Client

Thanks again for rushing us those BazookaGoals we needed for the FiveSpot tournament in NYC. They have been amazing.

Blake, RedBull USA, Web Client

For our team next year I was interested in obtaining four of these goals, as it would be a tremendous benefit towards our skills bases sessions.

Matt, Warley Rangers FC, Web Client

The coaches & Soccer School Co-ordinator’s feedback: + Very Robust, for a variety of age groups. + Ease of use: Quick to set up & take down. + Ideal for small sided games 1v1/2v2/3v3. Great feedback overall!

Martin Davis, Arsenal FC, Web Client

Got a tip from Stabek FC that you have a great training goal. We are looking for new and better goals for our younger age groups and we think BazookaGoal is it.

Jan Henrik, FC Chairman Norway, Web Client

Fantastic product which will enhance youth football. I am an ex professional player who has worked in youth football at a professional level for over twenty years.

Daral Pugh, UK, Web Client

Hi i have just seen your youtube post and am very interested in the goal. I am the Chairman of Layercoltsy FC in England.

Andy, Layercoltsy FC, Web Client

I love them, they’re solid and of course look great.

Louie, San Jose CA, Web Client

My Bazooka Goals arrived today…I think I am in love

Lance, Greeley, CO, Web Client

The girls have really enjoyed using the goals and continue to do so in adhoc training sessions. They have definitely added to the sessions.

U10 Coach AFC Wimbledon, Web Client
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