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StreetWise Soccer is the UK’s leading provider of Street Soccer Events, Youth Projects, Coaching and Entertainment, delivering innovative and unique services to provide positive experiences for young people, communities and corporate clients. StreetWise Soccer also retail a wide variety of interactive and mobile football arenas, cages and inflatables, ranging from Street Soccer pitches and cages to inflatable shootout games.

In recent years the UK Street Soccer & Freestyle Football scene has flourished with StreetWise Soccer being one of the major driving forces behind this revolution. Using this special brand of urban football, StreetWise specialise in creating inclusive, engaging and high-impact events and projects which use the power of football to meet a range of client needs.

StreetWise Soccer deliver our services using a range of interactive event tools including mobile street soccer cages, arenas and inflatable games. To create a fun and friendly atmosphere, StreetWise also integrate popular music into our events and sessions through our high-quality portable PA systems, with our team comprised of incredibly skilful Street Soccer and Freestyle Football performers, supported by an experienced and creative management team, all of whom are vastly experienced in engaging and interacting with children and young adults in a wide range of scenarios.

In the last year alone over 20,000 children and young adults attended a StreetWise Soccer event in the UK.

Learn more at www.streetwisesoccer.co.uk


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