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Manchester Futsal Club are members of the FA National Futsal League North. The club was founded on a desire to pioneer the development of futsal throughout Manchester and to take the club to the highest level of English Futsal. Manchester Futsal Club are the first FA Charter Standard Futsal Club in England. The club has put in place a solid foundation for future growth and success as the popularity of Futsal in England gathers pace. To view more information on the club’s history click here.

Manchester Futsal Club are committed to working amongst the local football community to identify and educate new players, coaches and sports professionals about the benefits of playing futsal. The club prides itself on its responsibility to ensure that the learning experience of playing an exciting and challenging game like futsal is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or background – we want more people to play futsal! Our successful community and education partnerships throughout Manchester will ensure the club has a long-term future within the city, helping to develop players that can choose football or futsal as their beautiful game.

Manchester Futsal Club’s success is built upon a dedication to promote the enjoyment of playing futsal as well as attracting talented players that are dedicated to taking the club forward. In doing so, the club will always support its players to aspire to represent Manchester Futsal Club and the city at national and international level.

The long-term vision for Manchester Futsal Club is to establish ourselves on the sporting landscape of Manchester, engaging a vibrant fan base to support the club and a love of futsal. In growing out network with futsal clubs from across Europe and Worldwide we hope to make many new friends along the way. Consistent success in the FA National Futsal League will in time help us to achieve our ambition of representing England in the UEFA Futsal Cup.

For futsal fans everywhere – we are Manchester Futsal Club.

More information: http://www.manchesterfutsal.com/youth.php


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