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All u need is a ball (640x640)



The Freestyle Football Federation and BazookaGoal have partnered up to support the tens of thousands dedicated amateur and professional freestyle footballers and street soccer players around the world. We share each others passion for supporting young talents and the belief that football needs to unfold its creative potential.

F3 is organizing the World Freestyle Day every 1st. of September, gathering freestyle footballers from all over the world who post photos and videos from the day. The event is growing fast with an estimated 10,000 people who took part in 2010 and over 120,000 across 6 continents in 2011! National and local F3 organizations are now starting to pop up around the world in support for perhaps the most technical challenging part of the game.

Last year the Freestyle Football Federation also organized the first World Championships in Freestyle Football. The best 16 freestyle footballers battled it out head to head to become the official World Champion 2011. View video below.

About: Freestyle Football Federation is the world governing body for freestyle football. Promoting freestyle football as a sport in its own right and also a healthy lifestyle choice for young people anywhere – All you need is a ball! (and perhaps a super-functional folding goal to bring with you to the park, street, beach;)


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