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2x Campeón del mundo – 3x Campeón de Francia – Vice-campeón Mundial Panna 1vs1– Fundador de S3 ANNEL


Leyenda y Campeón Mundial de Fútbol callejero y fundador de los Streetkings.



Campeón Mundial de Fútbol Callejero 3vs3, fundador de la Copenhagen Panna House.


World Of Street Football Champ 3vs3, founder of Copenhagen Panna House


Campeón Mundial de Fútbol Callejero 3vs3, co-fundador de la Copenhagen Panna House.





BazookaGoal supports the Spirit of Football

  • The Spirit of Football and the “One Ball – One World” project, reflects the very core of the BazookaGoal philosophy! Traveling from Erfurt in Germany to Kiev in Ukraine and back, our Spirit of Football friends embarks on a journey of football culture and fair play during the EURO2012 period. With just a ball and two Bazookagoals on their back, these passionate football lovers engage local fans wherever they go. The One Ball journey is also a part of their school workshop program teaching kids around the world about Fair Play and how football transcends cultural boarders. The BazookaGoal Just Add Ball Tour team will join Spirit of Football on their UEFA Euro and FIFA WorldCup journeys 2012 and 2014 in a mission to engage fans in park, street, beach play!





National 3v3 tournament in Norway

  • BazookaGoal supports 3v3 Norway
  • 12 pitches, 30 locations, 15 000 players, 30 000 goals scored in 2012
  • Fast, fun and motivating for young players
  • 3+1 players per team, no goal keeper
  • Coming soon to Europe!

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Back in Football is the first football agency to focus on corporate social opportunity. As a social enterprise it places profits ‘back in football’ so the sport of football can have a greater community impact.


All u need is a ball (640x640)



The Freestyle Football Federation and BazookaGoal have partnered up to support the tens of thousands dedicated amateur and professional freestyle footballers and street soccer players around the world. We share each others passion for supporting young talents and the belief that football needs to unfold its creative potential.

F3 is organizing the World Freestyle Day every 1st. of September, gathering freestyle footballers from all over the world who post photos and videos from the day. The event is growing fast with an estimated 10,000 people who took part in 2010 and over 120,000 across 6 continents in 2011! National and local F3 organizations are now starting to pop up around the world in support for perhaps the most technical challenging part of the game.

Last year the Freestyle Football Federation also organized the first World Championships in Freestyle Football. The best 16 freestyle footballers battled it out head to head to become the official World Champion 2011. View video below.

About: Freestyle Football Federation is the world governing body for freestyle football. Promoting freestyle football as a sport in its own right and also a healthy lifestyle choice for young people anywhere – All you need is a ball! (and perhaps a super-functional folding goal to bring with you to the park, street, beach;)




The International Street Soccer Association (ISSA) has been created for anyone who has an active interest in football coaching. The organisation has not been produced to replace coaching with coaching, but to act as an added value, especially aiding the development of creative players.

In looking into the ISSA, we hope that you will be able to understand some of the key principals and underpinning methods of ISSA Street Soccer coaching. We recognise that our brand of soccer coaching is very different than the vast majority of football coaching. It is outside of the mainstream. In fact, many people watching Street Soccer coaching in action may well wonder what is going on. Where are all the colour co-ordinated cones set up in nice straight lines? Where are the square grids? Where are the fluorescent bibs? Why is there music playing? Why are their posters on the walls? Why have the coaches got hooded sweatshirts? Why are the players practicing tricks? What is that funny circle on the floor, which the players all refer to as a Panna circle? What does that do? Why do they have 3v3 games on that funny pitch?

This ISSA aims to show you street soccer coaching by lifting the bonnet, so that you can see some of the inner workings of the engine. There is a rationale for everything that goes on within the sessions. The coaching system has been very carefully structured to create a learning environment that enables players to realise their potential. This website will detail some of these elements so that you can start to understand why and how ISSA street soccer coaching is delivered.

Through the ISSA Coach Education courses, we start by looking at the reasons why street soccer challenges the normal coaching model in football. We ask how appropriate the traditional methods of coaching actually are in helping our brain learn how to play football. We also look at how experts in human learning would view football coaching because when we appreciate the way players learn, it helps us understand how best to coach.

One of the central themes to the ISSA is the construction of an optimal learning environment. We will look at some of the methods that are used within street soccer to help create an environment where both learning and creativity can flourish. There are a number of specific strategies that street soccer coaches use to encourage creativity.
Does that all sound a bit ‘new age’? As it happens, many of the strategies & approaches that are woven into the fabric of ISSA street soccer coaching have a long track record. The various strategies have been tried and tested for many decades, and even centuries in some cases. We will examine some of these to give you a flavour.

We sincerely hope that you find the ISSA both informative and enjoyable. We hope it will give you and understanding of what street soccer coaches do, how they do it and why.

Please spend some time looking through the website and learning about the world of Street Soccer and the ISSA.


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